The Workplacely Platform combines cutting-edge AI and machine learning to help companies immediately measure employees’ sentiments and emotions to create workplaces that bring out the full potential of every employee.

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Why sentiments and emotions? 

Emotional connectedness is the real driver of if an employee will stay, how hard they will work for you, and how committed they are to your organization’s success.

Other surveys might tell you if an employee is engaged. But that’s not the real indicator if they love where they work and if they are willing to do their best work to drive success.

What we hear from employees:

Quick, easy-to-distribute surveys

  • Surveys can be distributed through the Workplacely Platform or through your own channels
  • Distribute surveys through a variety of channels to reach all employees, including text messages
  • Use pre-built surveys or customize the questions to meet your unique business needs
Employee feedback data

15 specific competencies that are proven to create a loved workplace

  • 25 years of effective workplace research
  • Most important key competencies identified and analyzed among workforce 
  • Get an honest assessment of your employees’ emotional connectedness based on AI-driven analysis 
  • Learn your top 5 and bottom 5 competencies so you can quickly focus your talent strategies to improve your biggest challenge areas
  • Promote your top competencies in your employment branding materials to attract and retain top talent 

AI-driven analysis that puts employee feedback immediately into themes

  • Machine learning designed by our expert organizational psychologist to interpret employee comments into topics and themes for delivered analysis 
  • Quickly assess and prioritize the most important topics that will make an impact to your workforce

SPARK Model to measure the five critical practices to become a Most Loved Workplace®

  • Research has proven these five practices foster high employee sentiment among employees
  • High SPARK scores lead to increased productivity, innovation, engagement, and employee satisfaction

LOWI Score

  • See how your workplace compares against other competing workplaces
  • Compare your Love of Workplace Index score to prior years
  • Learn what your employees love about your company, and where you need improvement

Action Plans

  • Delivered action plans based on AI and machine learning to drive real change 

  • Co-create with employees and leaders the change 

  • Get buy-in from employees (secure employee support and agreement, commitment)

Access to certification badges

  • Improve your employer brand with Most Loved Workplace certification badges
  • Attract top talent with Most Loved Workplace certification and badges
  • Improve HR initiatives around diversity, including, career progression, and caregivers with earned badges promoting your success in these areas

Improve Leader Effectiveness

  • Give your leaders direct feedback to improve their effectiveness with delivered analysis for select departments and teams
  • Help grow your leaders with year over year analysis

Targeted surveys for specific employee segments

  • Become an employer of choice by meeting the needs of individual employees
  • Create a more inclusive workforce with direct feedback from employees
  • Create a growth culture with action plans to help employees build career paths