Create a workplace where employees love to do their best work

Emotional connectedness is the key to creating a workplace where employees are inspired, connected, and will do their best work.

Customers who use Workplacely and become a Most Loved Workplace® have employees who are:

Workplacely is the industry's cutting-edge AI HR SaaS solution that provides deep insight and action into the core of organizational culture - employees' emotions, behaviors, sentiments, recommendations, and feelings.
Workplacely is the first HR SaaS feedback and coaching tool that allows you to measure employees' love of your company and take immediate action to improve culture, employee development, and company and employer brand.

End quiet quitting, low engagement, Coffee Badging, and negative employee reviews.

If you don’t know what your employees need, you can’t implement solutions.

And that’s a problem because disengaged team members underperform and eventually quit, writing reputation-ruining online reviews that scare off future talent.

However, gathering employee sentiment usually yields vague, unhelpful insights that are impossible to act upon or interpret.

That’s why Workplacely makes it fast, easy, and accurate to discover what your employees need, identify solutions via machine learning, and become a magnet for top talent.

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Before Workplacely

  • Gathering feedback is painful and takes too long.
  • Feedback is unclear, so solutions are never implemented.
  • Causes of attrition and low performance are not clear.
  • Data is confusing, making interpretation impossible.
  • Results are difficult to turn into effective action.
  • Only reviews (often negative!) tell the world about your company culture.

After Workplacely

  • Gathering feedback is simple and takes minutes.
  • Sentiments are clear, so solutions are implemented immediately.
  • Causes of attrition and poor performance become obvious.
  • Data is segmented by trends and themes for clear interpretation.
  • Effective actions are suggested by machine learning.
  • Publish employee ratings and earn badges to show off your culture!

Benefits of the Workplacely Platform

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