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Workplacely applies advanced analytics and emotional insights to foster a culture and employer brand where employees feel valued, engaged, and connected to their workplace. 

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About Workplacely

Workplacely offers a unique AI-driven HR SaaS tool that transforms employee emotions and sentiments into actionable change, enhancing workplace culture and brand. It’s the first of its kind to measure and actively improve employees’ love for their company.

Customers who use Workplacely and become a Most Loved Workplace® have employees who are:

2-4X More Likely to Stay
4X More likely to do their Best Work and Make Customers Happy
2-4X More Likely to Product More

End quiet quitting, low engagement, and negative employee reviews

If you don’t know what your employees need, you can’t implement solutions.

And that’s a problem because disengaged team members underperform and eventually quit, writing reputation-ruining online reviews that scare off future talent.

However, gathering employee sentiment usually yields vague, unhelpful insights that are impossible to act upon or interpret.

That’s why Workplacely makes it fast, easy, and accurate to discover what your employees need, identify solutions via machine learning, and become a magnet for top talent.

What makes Workplacely different

Workplacely addresses a significant issue in HR and corporate environments: the gap between feedback collection and actionable response according to feelings, emotions and requirements by department and function. Here’s how it tackles this problem:

Anytime Feedback Action 🗣️🎯

Traditional HR practices often involve collecting feedback from employees who need to respond to it or implement changes appropriately and rapidly. Workplacely gives employees the chance to get anytime feedback and analyzes it to develop actionable plans for change, ensuring that the feedback leads to tangible improvements.

Minimize Feedback Fatigue🛑🤯

Workplacely streamlines the feedback process to ensure meaningful action, reducing rater fatigue and encouraging employee engagement by demonstrating that their feedback leads to real changes and improvements.


Boosting Retention & Engagement 🚀🤗

When employees see their feedback being taken seriously and leading to positive changes, their engagement and satisfaction increase. This, in turn, can lead to higher retention rates, as employees feel valued and heard.

Skill Growth 🌱💼

By providing a library of over 250+ skills for staff, managers, and executives, Workplacely enables targeted skill development. This approach helps in addressing specific feedback points and improving overall performance.

Feedback-Driven Task Management 💬📋

Workplacely's ability to task out changes based on specific comments allows for personalized management strategies. This ensures that the actions taken are directly relevant to the feedback provided, making the process more efficient and effective.

Progress Tracking 📈⏳

The platform's capability to show changes and track task completion provides tangible evidence of improvements. This transparency is crucial for maintaining trust in the feedback process and demonstrating the value of employee input.

Workplacely solves the critical issue of unactioned employee feedback in HR and corporate settings by ensuring that feedback is not only collected but also analyzed and turned into concrete, actionable plans that lead to real organizational change. This approach fosters a more responsive, engaging, and productive workplace culture.

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