Why Workplacely?

Workplacely revolutionizes organizational culture by tapping into employee emotions, creating a workplace where love and productivity thrive.

It provides leaders, managers and staff with a listening and action platform with instant insights to make smart decisions so everyone can thrive in their ideal work environment.

Blending advanced tools and a distinctive love rating system, Workplacely is more than a tool—it’s a blueprint for future workplaces, fostering deep emotional bonds and commitment.

Customers who use Workplacely and become a Most Loved Workplace® have employees who are:

2-4X More Likely to Stay
4X More likely to do their Best Work and Make Customers Happy
2-4X More Likely to Product More

What makes Workplacely different?

  • AI and Machine Learning model that includes proprietary sentiment and emotion analysis to indicate employees’ emotional connectedness to their workplace
  • Summarized insights to what employees experience and their emotions 
  • Built by organizational psychologists and experts in Natural Language Processing each leveraging 25+ years of helping workplaces increase employee engagement and drive better outcomes.
  • Label and coded construct according to our research on what it takes for employees to love their workplace and perform up to 4 X more and better for the company
  • Recommendation engine to help CHROs and managers at all levels know HOW to rapidly change culture with specific recommended courses of action
  • Can work standalone or also can analyze survey data from other systems to summarize employee sentiment and emotion analysis
  • While most culture surveys focus only on the T and O (team and organization), we address the S and I (self and individual) which is where most culture and transformation efforts fail.
  • Actionable Insights & Integration: Workplacely identifies the top and bottom 5 skills, alongside the most positive and negative employee comments, to create detailed action plans. These plans are designed to be directly integrated into management and leadership strategies, ensuring effective implementation of change.
  • Seamless System Integration: Workplacely offers smooth connectivity with existing systems through an open API, enabling comprehensive and efficient integration into your organization’s workflow.

The Spark Model

Workplacely is built based on the SPARK Model. These five elements are proven to be critical to elevating workplace outcomes, including engagement and productivity. 

  • Systemic Collaboration
  • Positive Vision of the Future
  • Alignment of Values
  • Respect
  • Killer Achievement

This proprietary model is built into the Workplacely Platform, giving HR and Business leaders the keys to building a more productive workplace.  

Transformational Action Plans

The Transformation Action Planning feature enables HR Managers to assign and monitor change initiatives effectively throughout all levels of their company:

  • Ensures that employee feedback leads to real action, reducing unactioned feedback
  • Promotes a culture of prompt response and respect.
  • Offers over 220+ skills for focused development and task allocation
  • Reduces rater fatigue
  • Encourages employees to actively engage in the transformation process.