Our Story

Founder Lou Carter fully immersed himself in emotional connection from his Senior Executive Board Consortium, drumming circles at Columbia, deep research and testing, HR SaaS product skillrater, and work as a Chief Strategic Advisor to CEOs.

After writing 12 books and ten research papers on how companies and their executives make deep change and transformation, and launching the Newsweek Most Loved Workplaces and Excellence Index, it was time to make something awesome happen on a deeper level. 

So, he and his team of awesome leading machine learning experts, HR Data analysts, and tech stars from his company Best Practice Institute and the Most Loved Workplace team have come together to bring you workplacely – to give your employees a chance to voice for their feelings and do something about it.

Our Story

Louis Carter graduates from Columbia University with a Social/Organizational Psychology degree. Post-9/11, he initiates a drum circle at Columbia, fostering a community based on care. This initiative evolves into a benchmarking research consortium. The same year, John Wiley and Sons published his book "Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change," co-edited with Marshall Goldsmith, David Ulrich, and his program chair at Columbia, Warner Burke.


Carter creates a leading thinkers board and expert council comprising top thought leaders such as Nathaniel Branden, Warren Bennis, Marshall Goldsmith, Sally Helgesen, Frances Hesselbein, Richard Beckhard, Chris Argyris, and Ed Schein. This group, alongside 1000 experts from around the globe, forms the foundation of the Best Practice Institute.


He founds a culture transformation company that serves the Pentagon, UN, and Fortune 500 companies such as Volvo, Allstate, GSK, Pfizer, Bank of America, and Corning.


"The Change Champion's Field Guide" is published and becomes a best-seller. Carter extends the BPI Senior Executive Board to include CHROs from over 30 Fortune 500 companies, also launching extensive online training for HR professionals.


Skillrater, an HR SaaS product, is launched by Carter, earning the Top 10 HR SaaS Products award at HR Tech.


He identifies the need for improved tools for measuring employee satisfaction through his Senior Executive Board of F500 and Government organizations. 


Carter addresses this need with the publication of "In Great Company" and his research on emotional connectedness and organizational commitment. He creates the Love of Workplace Index® to certify companies as Most Loved Workplaces and begins administering the index to companies. 


The Most Loved Workplace Platform is developed, setting new standards for culture surveys and company certifications.


 The team publishes studies and whitepapers showing that Most Loved Workplaces® have better performance and retention rates.


The issue of Newsweek's America's Most Loved Workplaces becomes the publication's most popular issue for companies.


The Top 100 Newsweek UK Top Most Loved Workplaces, and the Newsweek Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces are introduced.


The Excellence Index is launched. Workplacely is unveiled as the analytical engine behind the sentiment and emotion analysis for employee and customer feedback, involved in all issues and certification processes.




Lou Carter

Founder and CEO

CEO Best Practice Institute,Most Loved Workplace® | Workplacely | Host of Leader Show on Newsweek | Top America’s, UK’s, and Global Most Loved Workplaces and Excellence 1000 index

Scott Baxt

COO and former head of IQPC and ERE

Head of Research, COO Best Practice Institute and Most Loved Workplace. Helping companies place love of employees at the center of their business strategy.

Kerry Gilliam

Customer Success and Marketing Manager, former Head of Marketing at Clinch, Page Up, and Jobvite

Strategic Marketing and Execution: Led marketing teams to generate Enterprise Software leads with effective B2B demand generation strategies in enterprise software (ERP) and services. 

Grant Ingersoll

Chief Technology Officer, ex-Wikipedia Chief Technology Officer and author of Taming Text

Leads all aspects of tech for workplacely. Ex-CTO of Wikimedia Foundation, the non profit supporting open knowledge projects like Wikipedia and Wikidata. Co-founder and ex CTO of Lucidworks. 

Grant Ingersoll

Kayla Doan

Product Development Head, former head of product development at Constant Contact

Product manager and leader for positive impact, early stage startups. Specialties include consumer experiences, mobile, B2B SaaS, e-commerce, AI/ML.

Lisa Willis

Head of HR Data Analysis, former HR Data Analyst at Universal and Disney

Panayotis Papoutsis PhD

Senior Data Scientist, former data scientist at Ecov and OpenClassrooms

Panos manages and proves guidance and measurement of the accuracy, improvement, and enhancement of workplacely’s machine learning models.

Zachary Leposa Soracá

Engagement Manager and former Peace Corps Volunteer and Associate at Aramark