Maximize the Impact of HR Data: Turning Insights into Action

Maximize the Impact of HR Data: Turning Insights into Action

Dear HR Leaders,

In the world of HR, we have access to an abundance of data, from survey tools and focus groups to online research and beyond. Yet, there’s one glaring question that often goes unanswered: What do we do with all this data?

Too often, data is collected, glanced at briefly, and then shelved, left to gather dust. The real question we should be asking ourselves is whether we are content with mediocrity, or if we genuinely want to foster a workplace where employees contribute their best efforts, where our organization is aligned toward common goals, and where everyone understands how their contributions make a difference.

Did you know that an employee who feels genuinely inspired is nearly 125% more productive than one who is merely satisfied?

If we are committed to collecting data, especially when seeking our employees’ insights into their workplace experiences, then we must also be committed to doing something meaningful with that data.

We challenge you with this: If you aren’t going to take action based on the data, perhaps it’s better not to collect it at all. When employees are asked for their feedback but see no resulting changes, it can further demoralize them.

Workplacely is the platform for the Most Loved Workplace® survey. The Most Loved Workplace® Survey is based on the SPARK Model. 

The SPARK Model

The Most Loved Workplace® (MLW) index centers on the five crucial areas defined by the SPARK model, a peer-validated framework:

‣ Systemic collaboration

‣ Positive vision of the future

‣ Alignment of values

‣ Respect

‣ Killer Achievement

If you do decide to survey your employees, here are some 

Turning Feedback into Action

HR Data

If you do decide to survey your employees, here are 5 practical steps to turn your data into action:

  • 1. Start with Identifying Initiators of Change

The results from your Most Loved Workplace® survey do not solely place accountability on the shoulders of executives or HR leadership. While company culture may be shaped by leadership, its execution depends on employees. Driving cultural change doesn’t mean dictating what employees should do; it’s about creating mutual accountability for change. This accountability is best achieved by involving employees in defining what that desired change looks like.

  • 2. Define Your Process

Implementing change after your Most Loved Workplace® survey isn’t just about what changes to make, but rather, how to go about making them. Engage employees across seniority levels and departments to design these changes. Consider forming a focus group of employees with a vested interest in the proposed changes to ensure their input is included.

  • 3. Co-create Solutions with Stakeholder Buy-in

To gain buy-in for change, include employees directly in discussions and design processes. When employees are part of the team driving change, they are more likely to embrace it. For instance, if you aim to address common negative sentiments like a lack of accountability or excessive office politics, involve a focus group of employees in designing and implementing the solutions.

  • 4. Timely Implementation of Changes

Once you have proposed changes approved by the appropriate stakeholders, put them into action promptly. Demonstrate your commitment to employee feedback by ensuring changes are not delayed unnecessarily. Consider implementing significant changes in phases to quickly address low-hanging fruit.

  • 5. Pulse Surveys for Feedback

After implementing changes, conduct a brief pulse survey (2-3 questions) to gather feedback from your focus group or key stakeholders. This step helps ensure that the changes are effective and allows for adjustments if needed.

What’s Next?

If you’ve taken the initiative to conduct an MLW survey with your employees, you’re on the right track. However, remember that data without action is merely noise. Use the emotional and sentiment insights from your Most Loved Workplace® survey to prioritize changes that will transform your organization into a truly beloved workplace.

Even better, check out the new Action Plans functionality available in Workplacely. These action plans are derived directly from your employees’ comments and feedback and give you prescriptive action plans to build into your talent strategies that are personalized to your organization.  

Interested in learning more about Action Plans from Workplacely?  Let us know, we’d love to talk with you about it. 


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